Hatching day

Well, I figured I have enough to talk about the RPG I’m designing that I should make a blog as a place to talk about it, and perhaps other things that come to mind. So welcome everyone to my little corner of the internet. … And I’ll need to change the header image to something more appropriate than the default for the style eventually, though it’s not bad.

So this RPG system I’m designing, what’s it called? It’s the Dual20 system, a play on the d20 which has plenty of inspiration (including that which I don’t want to do :P ). Like d20 it’ll be a core system and not the final RPG itself, which I have no idea whatsoever I will call as yet.

As you may have surmised from the name, the main dice check mechanic uses two d20s, one is positive the other negative, so the results can go from -19 to +19 with 0 being the 50/50 cutoff spot. Well, that’s not quite true, because there is another little twist, they are both exploding dice, roll a 20 on either or both of them and continue rolling that die, so they go from negative infinity to positive infinity, though they’ll hardly ever get to that point, and 0 is still the 50/50 cutoff spot.

It’s sort of a bell curve, though much more linear than 3 or 4 dice would be, but not a flat chance for every value like a single d20 is. So a nice compromise. It’s also somewhat inspired by the houserule in d20 games that 1 isn’t an automatic failure and 20 isn’t an automatic success and instead are -10 and +10 to the result instead, but this way it’s a natural result.

I think that’s enough for a first post, the next couple of posts I’ll state the goals and philosophies of the Dual20 system and then get back to the dice and discuss how critical successes and failures work.


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