Stealth and Detection

So some readers may have noticed that there is a Notice stat in Dual20, rather than a skill, like most systems I’ve seen. In most games I’ve played in, a Notice/Spot/Search/Perception/Whatever skill is by far the most used one, second only to actual attack checks (and in one game I’m in, it far surpasses even those, but it’s not a combat heavy game :P ).

It’s typically something that every perceiving creature can do to some extent, even without any particular training, and being used so much, so I figured on making it a full blown stat to accompany others like attacking. But then what about its main counterpart, Stealth/Sneaking?

Should it be a stat as well, and be a stat pair with notice like attack and defense are? It’s again something that comes up a lot, something that most creatures can do to some extent or another, and what’s more, characters without it may have to be left behind. Some gaming groups are happy to work around that, or just leave it as is, but some aren’t.

I’m inclined to promote it to a stat, but either of them (even Notice) as optional skills might also be important for some groups. Perhaps a compromise, given the nature of skills, and how their bonuses can differ wildly, what if we had both the Notice and Sneak stats, and a more advanced Search and Stealth skills that acted as a bonus on top of them? They’d be smaller bonuses than other skills, but then so would the Notice and Sneak stats, but together they might be more inline with the rest.

Thoughts and opinions from the audience?


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