The Magic of Dual20

Well… it’s been far, far, far too long since my last post here (darn WordPress, I though I set you to send me reminders to post? Oh well, wouldn’t have helped being so busy and distracted by other things/projects :P )

So for this post I thought I’d give an overview of the four basic forms of magic in Dual20: Lore, Core, Will, and Pact. Core could also be referred to as Inherent, but then it’d have more than four letters and break the lovely pattern :P

Lore magic is your classic magician up in the tower pouring over spells or your academy of mages, alchemists and their guilds, enchanters creating wondrous magical artifacts, and other such workers of magic. They gain magical power from their tools and the environment around them. They study and discover the hidden workings of the universe, and how to manipulate them, whether by magic words or runes, special ingredients, or particular motions.

Core magic is the mage or creatures who have magic as a natural part of their being. Their magical power comes from their bodies and possibly able to draw on the environment too, though not as Lore mages do (so kind of like the difference between breathing in the air and blowing it out vs. using a fan to blow it around). Core magic is almost always a bit flashy when used by mages, though for magical creatures it can be more subtle.

Will magic, this is your “subtle and quick to anger” type wizards. It’ll be very much like the magic seen in Tolkien’s works, particularly the Silmarillion (mixed with some Lore magic, too; Lore and Will magic often mix well together). Using this magic is hardly ever flashy, though the results can be sometimes. This is probably the rarest form of magic, and some would say the first and purest. Though there are other types of will mages besides wizards, bards and inspiring war captains have a bit of this magic too.

Pact mages come in the wide variety, from your prophets wielding the power of God, to your warlocks making deals with the devil, or someone who has gained favor with the fey, or otherwise gains his magic from some Entity of Power. I’m also thinking this will handle characters that have a lot “pets” as their primary means of power, summoners, binders, etc. They may technically use another form of magic to obtain them, but it’s not directly usable for other things.

In later posts I’ll delve a bit further , though I think I’ll do into my thoughts for each of them, including ideas for mechanics (where I have them at least), though I think the next will go over the various classes that I have planned (now including the mages, though several have been named already ;) )


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