It’s been awhile… also another side track

Well, I have been working on either Dual20 or the Hex crawl web app, rather I’ve gone back to an older project (well, about the same age as Dual20) that being a Roguelike called Dragon Rising, where you get to play as the dragon. I do think I’ll incorporate some of the ideas I have for Dual20 in it, though, so some development will be continued on Dual20… once I get to the point in the Roguelike where I’m actually coding my own game logic and not making my own engine and following a basic gameplay tutorial. It’s source can be found on github here. I do not make any guarantees that the code will run properly during these early stages, btw :P :)

So I’ve got three projects going, Dual20, the unnamed hex crawl web app, and Dragon Rising.


2 thoughts on “It’s been awhile… also another side track

  1. 1) you aren’t good at consistently blogging. (me, neither. its not a slam)

    2) I find my self shopping for an RPG system

    which leads to

    3) tell me about your dual20 mechanics.

    4) how are you in F#?

  2. Unfortunately I haven’t had too much time to work on the Dual20 mechanics, but I should definitely try to post more. But when I’m not feeling sick :P

    As for F#, I think I’m about an intermediate level of skill with it. I am quite familiar with .NET itself, so that helps.

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