Character Foundation and Stats

I believe I mentioned before that the Foundation elements that a character picks may add grades to his stats. I had initially considered that there’d be a few bonuses sprinkled around, but that didn’t satisfy me, they mostly because that would have the problem of too many potentially stacking together.

But while writing my last post I thought what if they weren’t outright granted but only made available as a choice, similar to what 13th Age does for ability bonuses from race and class.

So now every Foundational element except Fates will grant as an available option a Stat or Skill grade bonus. These grade bonuses are the only way to get a grade of 4.
I might still consider races to be able to outright grant a stat bonus in addition to granting an extra option choice. They can get away with it because you’ll only ever have one race basic package.

Also I’m thinking that usually Race and Background are what offer Stat grade bonuses, and Background, Culture, and Specialty are what offer Skill grade bonuses.



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